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Augusta Attorney For Obtaining A U.S. Visa

Georgia firm advises on immigrant and nonimmigrant authorizations

Joseph T. Rhodes Law Firm represents clients from around the world seeking to obtain the authorization needed to spend time in Georgia or somewhere else in the United States. Mr. Rhodes is an experienced Augusta visa lawyer who assists people intent on becoming lawful permanent residents here, as well as those intending to stay in the country temporarily.

Types of visas available

Someone who wishes to reside in the United States permanently must apply for an immigrant visa, which includes the following:

  • Family-sponsored — Spouses, children, parents and siblings of citizens are eligible to pursue a green card, but several factors can affect whether a petition is granted and how long the process will take.
  • Employer-sponsored — Rules on work immigration frequently change, so it is vital to speak with a knowledgeable attorney if you intend to make your living permanently in the United States.
  • Special immigrant — Certain people can obtain a special immigrant visa because of the service they provided to the United States or to fulfill some other policy objective. For example, residents of Afghanistan and Iraq who assisted U.S. military efforts in those countries might be granted a special immigrant visa.

For people seeking to stay in the United States on a temporary basis, there are numerous types of nonimmigrant visas, such as:

  • Specialty occupation — When there are not enough American workers with the specialized training needed to perform particular jobs, companies work to secure H-1B visas for individuals who have the requisite degree from an institution of higher education.
  • Seasonal worker — Areas that rely on tourism or other seasonal industries might bring in employees from designated countries under H-2A (for agricultural workers) or H-2B visas to meet short-term labor needs.
  • Student — Foreign nationals who have been accepted to an approved American academic or vocational institution require a student visa to attend school in the United States.
  • Tourist — B-2 visitor visas can be used by those who travel to the United States as tourists, to see family members or receive medical treatment.

Attorney Joseph T. Rhodes has a thorough understanding of the U.S. immigration system and offers comprehensive support to help you secure the type of visa that fits your situation and needs.

Requirements and eligibility for obtaining a visa

Our firm can explain the requirements for securing the visa you seek and advise you if you are eligible under the regulations set forth by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This way, you can make an informed judgment about whether to submit the application. Though the standards and timeframes vary depending on the type of visa, we maximize the likelihood of a favorable outcome by preparing a thorough petition and providing the supporting materials required by the USCIS.

Visa application process

The time and process required to receive a U.S. visa depends on the type of authorization you are requesting and your particular circumstances. Some nonimmigrant visas can be secured in a matter of weeks through the American embassy or consulate in the applicant’s country. Immigrant visas typically take much longer as substantial personal and financial documentation is required, as well as an interview where fingerprints are taken.

Visa denial and appeal

There are numerous reasons why an appeal can be denied, but working with an experienced attorney helps you avoid common errors such as the failure to provide necessary personal or financial information. Visa applicants are also rejected due to criminal history, allegations of misrepresentation, lack of ties to their home country or a prior instance where they stayed beyond a visa expiration date. No appeal process exists for a denied visa; however, it is possible to re-apply for the authorization you seek.

Extensions and changes to an existing visa

Prior to the expiration of a valid nonimmigration visa, you can petition to extend your stay or change your nonimmigrant status. You might consider this if the circumstances that led to your nonimmigrant visa have changed, possibly due to an additional school year or a work project taking longer than expected. In other cases, someone who originally planned a temporary stay might want to become a lawful permanent U.S. resident. Whatever motivated your decision, it is important to contact an attorney as quickly as possible so that your request can be resolved before your visa expires.

Contact a Georgia attorney for a free consultation to discuss obtaining a visa

Joseph T. Rhodes Law Firm advises clients from Georgia and elsewhere who are seeking immigrant and nonimmigrant visas. If you require authorization to enter or remain in the United States, we can discuss your situation in a free consultation. Our office is in Augusta and you can reach us by calling 706-496-1616 or contacting us online.

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