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Equitable Distribution

Augusta Family Lawyers Handle Equitable Distribution Concerns

Accomplished Georgia divorce attorneys advise on property division

Even when a marriage has only lasted for a few years, unwinding the financial ties between spouses can be a complicated process. Georgia’s equitable distribution law states that if the decision is resolved in court, the judge is to determine what he or she thinks is fair based on a number of factors. Obviously, this standard leaves a lot of room for interpretation, so reaching an agreement through negotiation is often the best option. Whether your property division matter is settled amicably or litigated fiercely, the family law team at Joseph T. Rhodes Law Firm, in Augusta will give you the information and advocacy you need to pursue a proper outcome.

Assertive advocates seek fair terms relating to marital and separate property

Creating a strategy for dealing with property division requires a true understanding of the applicable law. Our seasoned attorneys will explain relevant issues, such as:

  • Marital property — Assets that are acquired or accumulated during the time when a couple is married are subject to division once the divorce is finalized. The value of marital property doesn’t need to be divided equally as in some states. If questions exist about whether a particular item would be included in the distribution, we can answer them.
  • Separate property — If either spouse owned something prior to the marriage, those assets would not be part of the allocation that occurs after a divorce. Additionally, inheritances or gifts to one party from someone outside the marriage are not included.
  • Investment and retirement assets — The value of stocks, bonds and other investments fluctuate over time, so we bring in accountants and other experts when necessary to help clients gain a full perspective on what is at stake. We also review retirement assets that might not be accessible at the time of a divorce and seek solutions such as Qualified Domestic Relations Orders so that these accounts can be divided fairly.

In a free initial consultation, our family law attorneys can evaluate your situation and explain what assets would likely be considered part of the marital estate.

Firm details key factors for Richmond, Burke and Columbia County clients

Judges can consider anything they think is relevant when deciding on an equitable distribution order. Factors that often come into play include the parties’ relative financial standing, each spouse’s earning ability, and any mistreatment that occurred within the marriage. Our experienced lawyers will make sure that courts have critical information regarding your specific circumstances in order to maximize the likelihood of an appropriate result.

Litigators work diligently to see that marital debts are allocated fairly

Along with assets, married couples also accumulate debts over time. Apportioning legal responsibility for home mortgages and other obligations during the divorce process could have a major impact on each side’s financial stability going forward. We help individuals assess the short- and long-term consequences of various potential solutions and advocate for a manageable outcome.

Contact an Augusta lawyer for a free consultation regarding an equitable distribution issue

Joseph T. Rhodes Law Firm advises divorcing spouses on Georgia’s equitable distribution law and other aspects of the state’s marriage dissolution process. If you are in Richmond, Columbia or Burke County or the surrounding area and wish to schedule a free consultation, please call 706-496-1616 or contact us online. Our office is in Augusta.

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