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Experienced Augusta Lawyers Advise on Child Support Issues

Resourceful Georgia advocates represent parents in negotiations and disputes

After a breakup, both parents are legally and morally obligated to support the children they share. A major aspect of this responsibility is the duty to help meet their financial needs. At Joseph T. Rhodes Law Firm, in Augusta, our lawyers provide knowledgeable counsel on Georgia child support issues for both paying and recipient parents. We’ll outline the relevant law so that you have a clear understanding of what the eventual rate should be. We can aggressively seek a fair result if there is a question about hidden income or a supporting parent who is not working in order to reduce their required payment. Our experienced lawyers also represent parents in modification and enforcement actions that arise after the initial order is granted.

Knowledgeable firm outlines the factors used in calculating payment rates

Since 1988, we’ve delivered effective family law representation to clients in Richmond, Columbia and Burke counties. If you’re going through a divorce or the end of a non-marriage relationship with your co-parent, we’ll advise on every aspect of the child support process, including:

  • Establishing a rate — Under the state’s child support system, the income of both parents is used to determine the rate. Payments each parent makes for childcare and health insurance premiums are also factored into the equation.
  • Mediation — No matter how diligent a judge is, parents have a deeper understanding as to what a child’s needs are. Using the mediation process to handle support issues helps parties tailor a mutually agreeable solution.
  • Termination — Within Georgia, a noncustodial parent typically must make payments at least until their child turns 18 years old. The period can be extended until age 20 if the son or daughter has not graduated from high school.

Don’t wait to get the information you need regarding child support matters. During a free consultation, we can tell you what you can expect.

Skillful attorneys assist parents seeking modifications to existing orders

Even if you believe your co-parent is wasting money, violating the terms of a child custody agreement or doing something else wrong, you are not permitted to adjust a child support order without court approval. If it has been at least two years since the initial rate was set, we can advise you as to whether one party’s shift in financial circumstances might qualify as a “substantial change” that would justify a modification. In addition to handling these issues, our lawyers also assist with revisions that need to be made due to a mistake or misunderstanding.

Aggressive advocates handle child support enforcement actions

Someone who fails to make full, timely child support payments faces serious sanctions under Georgia law. Our firm takes prompt action when obligations are missed. When strong communication is not enough, we seek relief from the court, which can include income withholding, fines and even incarceration in certain cases. For paying parents who are struggling financially, it is important to remember that back child support is considered a priority debt and usually will not be discharged in a bankruptcy proceeding.

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Joseph T. Rhodes Law Firm advises Georgia parents on child support issues, including enforcement and modification actions. To make an appointment for a free consultation at our Augusta office, please call 706-496-1616 or contact us online. Our firm serves clients in Richmond, Columbia and Burke counties.

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