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Strong Augusta Advocates Represent Clients in Alimony Proceedings

Accomplished Georgia firm assists potential paying and recipient spouses

Until someone goes through a divorce, they likely don’t understand the rules that govern alimony in Georgia. Laws in this area differ sharply between states, and portrayals in movies and on television rarely capture the reality of spousal support issues. Based in Augusta, Joseph T. Rhodes Law Firm is an accomplished family law firm serving clients in and around Richmond, Columbia and Burke counties. From the start, we’ll evaluate your financial circumstances to help you anticipate whether alimony might be awarded in your situation and press for a proper result. Whether you’re seeking maintenance payments or are being asked to provide them, our attorneys will assert your interests effectively.

Legal counselors detail what courts look at in spousal support cases

Georgia law authorizes alimony on a temporary basis while a divorce is pending and after the marriage is legally dissolved. One type of post-divorce spousal support is rehabilitative, where payments are ordered to give someone the ability to meet their financial needs until they can support themselves. In other cases, what is known as permanent alimony might be granted, though it does not necessarily last forever. If an agreement cannot be worked out, courts can use various types of information to make a decision on spousal support, including:

  • Length of marriage — The longer a marriage lasts, the more difficult it becomes for a supported spouse to re-enter the workforce. This can affect how long rehabilitative alimony might last or even warrant an award of permanent spousal support if the union was long enough.
  • Spouses’ standard of living and earning ability — Courts review each side’s separate assets as well as what spouses would receive in an equitable distribution of shared property. Along with assessing the ability a wife or husband has to earn their own living, judges can determine whether a wife or husband can continue to maintain the standard of living established during the marriage.
  • Career sacrifice to take care of children — Contributions that one party makes by taking care of children, maintaining the household or supporting the career of their husband or wife can be factored into an alimony determination.

Starting with a free initial consultation, our accomplished family law attorneys will assess each side’s argument and advocate on your behalf.

Determined advocates litigate alimony enforcement and modification actions

Life goes on after a divorce, and the terms of an order mandating alimony might need to be revised or enforced over time. Changes in income or a new relationship for a recipient ex-spouse might lead to a modification in spousal support obligations. We petition for changes when justified and oppose unwarranted adjustment requests. If paying ex-spouses are reluctant to honor their support obligation, our firm takes prompt action to secure legally required payments.

Contact a proven Georgia lawyer for a free consultation regarding an alimony matter

Joseph T. Rhodes Law Firm advocates for Georgia clients in matters relating to alimony and other concerns associated with divorce. Our firm serves clients throughout the area, including Richmond, Columbia and Burke counties. Please call 706-496-1616 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation at our Augusta office.

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