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Augusta Divorce Lawyers Seek Favorable Resolutions for Clients

Resourceful Georgia firm offers comprehensive counsel when a marriage ends

Divorce is a difficult process for most people, but establishing favorable terms for matters such as custody, property division and child support will help you start the next part of your life on a solid foundation. Finding a skillful, assertive family law attorney gives you the best chance of ending your marriage in a positive manner. Located in Augusta, Joseph T. Rhodes Law Firm assists spouses in Richmond, Columbia and Burke counties, as well as the surrounding areas. We combine knowledgeable counsel with effective strategies to help achieve a solution tailored to your goals and needs.

Thorough family advocates advise on contested and uncontested breakups

Our firm offers comprehensive advice and advocacy for divorcing clients and works closely with them to make sure they have the information they need about:

  • Grounds — Georgia residents can file for divorce without alleging any type of misconduct by claiming that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” In addition to the no-fault option, 12 traditional fault grounds exist, including adultery, desertion and cruel treatment.
  • Contested vs. uncontested divorce — Our firm is committed to reducing the hassle and expense associated with divorce. If there is no disagreement on issues such as property division or alimony and the couple doesn’t have minor children, we can prepare a marital settlement agreement and file the necessary documentation to help you obtain an uncontested divorce quickly. In cases where the couple has a minor son or daughter, we will formalize terms regarding parenting time and visitation. Where issues are contested, we’ll create a thorough strategy to help you obtain the result you seek.
  • Equitable distribution — By thoroughly examining marital assets and debts, as well as the factors used by courts in equitable distribution decisions, we pursue fair terms on property division.

With an extensive background in family law, we have the ability to anticipate how a divorce might proceed and find creative solutions that others miss. Starting with a free initial consultation, our lawyers will work tirelessly to relieve your fears and ease your burden.

Skillful attorneys work to establish proper custody and visitation terms

Establishing child custody and visitation terms that promote the well-being of sons and daughters can be complicated. With extensive knowledge of the rules governing custody, child support, adoption and other laws related to parenting, we can formulate a plan that creates a nurturing environment for children after their parents divorce. Whether everyone is in agreement or serious conflicts exists, our firm will advocate for an order that gives children the emotional and financial support they deserve from both parents.

Determined litigators pursue favorable alimony arrangements

When one spouse earns significantly less than the other or chooses to concentrate on taking care household concerns, a divorce can trigger serious financial hardship. In these situations, alimony payments can be awarded so that a wife or husband can rehabilitate their ability to earn an income that meets their financial needs. Other times, a disability or family responsibility might prevent a spouse from working outside the home. Our accomplished lawyers advise clients who are seeking spousal support or those being asked to provide it so that they understand how a court might rule on an alimony dispute. In either case, we will protect their interests.

Contact a dedicated Georgia divorce lawyer to set up a free initial consultation

Joseph T. Rhodes Law Firm represents Georgia spouses in contested and uncontested divorce proceedings as well as associated family law actions, such as efforts to modify and enforce existing orders. To schedule a free consultation at our Augusta office, please call 706-496-1616 or contact us online.

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