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Augusta DUI/DWI Lawyers Uphold Your Rights

Determined defense attorneys work to preserve your liberty and your license in Georgia

Throughout Georgia, state police are cracking down on drivers who operate vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you are arrested for DUI, you face possible jail time, fines and a license suspension. But you also have the right to confront your accusers and fight the charges. At Joseph T. Rhodes Law Firm, our criminal defense attorneys believe it’s vitally important to challenge the case against you. But to succeed, you need knowledgeable and skilled legal representation. Our Augusta attorneys have decades of experience in the Georgia state courts. We are ready to respond to your call and deliver the professional defense you deserve.

Experienced advocates advise on Georgia standards for DUI/DWI

Georgia does not differentiate between driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI). If a driver is impaired from consuming alcohol, illicit drugs or even prescription medication, the authorities can charge DUI.

Where alcohol is suspected, the standard for a violation relies on the driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC), as follows:

  • Standard DUI — BAC of at least .08 percent
  • Commercial DUI — BAC of .04 percent or higher for a licensed commercial driver on duty operating a vehicle
  • Zero tolerance DUI for underaged drinkers — BAC of .02 percent for drivers under 21 years of age
  • Enhanced DUI — More severe penalties for BAC of.15 percent or higher

Although authorities rely heavily on BAC to prove DUI per se, a driver who is obviously impaired with a lesser BAC can still be charged with DUI.

Proven defense lawyers detail the penalties for DUI in Georgia

The penalty for a DUI in Georgia depends on many factors, including the driver’s previous record. Here, briefly, are the penalties for a standard DUI:

  • First offense — Jail time of 10 days to 12 months, fine of $300 to $1,000, minimum 20 hours (40 hours if BAC was 0.08 percent or more) community service, and a 12-month license suspension, with possible reinstatement after 120 days if the driver completes a DUI education program and pays a $200 reinstatement fee.
  • Second offense — Jail time of 90 days to 12 months, fine of $600 to $1,000, minimum 30 days community service, and a three-year license suspension with possible reinstatement after 18 months if the driver completes a DUI education program and pays a $200 reinstatement fee.
  • Third offense — Jail time of 120 days to 12 months, fine of $1,000 to $5,000, minimum 30 days community service, and a permanent license revocation, although the driver can apply for a probationary license after three years.

Penalties can be enhanced for a variety of factors, including whether an accident resulted that injured or killed a person, or whether there was a child in the car.

As your advocates, we are determined to force the state to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. Often, we are successful in raising enough doubt that conviction is impossible. But even when the facts are against our client, we can still argue for sentence reductions and hardship licenses so our clients can drive during specified times to work or to school. When you retain our criminal defense services, you get our commitment to fight for the best possible results.

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